I can not describe the beauty of this town. It’s almost overwhelming. I feel like I am in a mountain range that goes to infinity. The camera does not capture it, I have to commit these visions to heart. It almost brings me as much peace as the ocean, and that is saying a lot…

Only 1 week left till Santiago…that’s just crazy. Almost surreal.

It feels like I have been on this journey for months and not just a few weeks. I have learned so much about myself and I know these lessons will stay with me. These memories will remain. I’m happy to think of coming home, but I will miss this way of life. I will not miss the pain and I wish that was not part of my time here; however I know my strength to push forward was just as much part of a lesson I needed to learn.

It’s hard to think about walking into Santiago and going through the process of getting my compestela. I will continue further to see the ocean, but the end will be set at that point.  
I did decide to have a couple of celebration days before returning home. After completing the Camino I will head to Barcelona for two days and then to Naples, Italy for a day. Afterwards I will land in New Orleans the night of Independence Day.
I look forward to sharing my experience of entering Santiago as well as the fun days that will follow. The end is near my friends.
Step by Step, Love to All…