So you now know that we loved our hostel last night and made all the friends. You may also make a call that wine was involved…

Our Hostel offered a buffet and unlimited wine from 7-10. Um…of course we are choosing that option. After ponying up to an endless stream of vino we head to the bar (still in the same hostel – amazing right?). There is the cutest Italian bartender you have ever seen! We are in heaven!! He met his girl hiking the Camino and moved from Italy to this town to be with her forever. Love Him!!! Well of course this leads to much more vino.
Here goes another one of my side rants. For those of you that don’t know, I have always been extremely proud of my Greek roots. My grandmother’s family came to the states from Greece and they were amazing. The rest of my heritage is mutty, so I have held on to this little nugget and fly that flag for all to see. For example: why do you tan so well – I’m Greek, why are you not a hairy beast – I’m Greek. So now I set off to Europe and I am passionate about visiting Greece and connecting with my heritage! 

“Mom, where in Greece are we exactly from?”

“Son, you mean Italy?”

WTF!!!! I’m Italian! I’ve lived my whole life as a lie! How will I face this world again. I have to honestly say this was a pretty big blow for me. But sitting at this bar talking to a real Italian, I think I might be ok…

Anyway, we got drunk, had a blast, made friends with the fornicators, and now flash forward to a jolting wake up! Michelle is asking when we need to be out of here! It’s not a hotel, but not quite a hostel. Do we need to be out by 8??? It’s 8:30! Well we decide to just grab everything and nap in the library while our phones charge. It actually ends up being a nice set up. We even find a book that we both want to read, so score!

Well, now it’s 11 and we start the second stage of our new way. Guess what, today is beyond difficult! So many hills and mountains. So much sweat. The sun is beating down, making it feel like walking through a desert. The good thing is that it takes us no time to sweat out the hangover. The bad news is we left so late we are not sure when we will finish this leg.

I have to share this and Mom, I’m sorry. I quit smoking at the end of January. Just realized I am celebrating 4 months smoke free. This time it is over and it’s just a fact. I am beyond lucky that it just turned off for me. Well there are these damn lozenges, in the states they are called Nicoret. We found some in London. And I may eat one if I’m bored. Gives you a bit of energy and doesn’t taste that bad either. I have always wondered if they even give off any nicotine. We have been walking forever and I decide to pop one…the next corner presents a vertical climb like no other. Every time you make a turn it is still going up! We finally reach the top and I’m vibrating like the motor on a ’57 Chevy and I finally realize, holy shit – there are drugs in that mint!












We finally finish this 22k and make it to Estella, we grab the first hostel and get our beds. We barley make it across the street for dinner and then back to our hostel.  

So as you know we are still learning…

There are hostels run by the churches or government; and then private hostels run by private owners. The hostel we are in is run by a church. Once again we have submerged into one of Michelle’s rings of hell. We will be exploring only private hostels moving forward.

We hang out outside enjoying beer from a vending machine. Yes my friends, 1 dollar for a beer from a vending machine, amazing!

As we sit there a friend we have encountered a few times peaks in, he is at a hostel up the street but it’s vacant and he is checking out the other scenes. His name is John, Michelle and I love him. For lack of a better term he is clairvoyant and amazing and great to talk to…he tells me that he sees me as a writer and have huge things in my future, guess I need to work on getting this blog to be more thought provoking…

He exits and our other friends arrive!!! More vending beer! Thankfully Michelle and I now have the balls to retrieve our items from the ring of hell and use our resources to set up camp outside. Best sleep ever!!!

Love to all…