Day 3 and I am ready to kill it!!! I don’t put my brace on, knowing this is the day I shall return to normal. We are trucking, killing it!!! It’s a great hiking day. (We did leave before 7a because people started getting up at 4:30 and since we were outside, we had to comply).
As soon as we leave town we come across a ministry that makes wine. There is a faucet outside that pours free wine. What! And yes we drank wine at 7:30am, but when will you see an opportunity like that again? We walk on before hearing in the distance “Hey!!! ya’ll speak English?” – what!!!! Is that a southern American I hear, can I control my excitement???? She was awesome, but in search of the wine – we point her in the right direction and continue on. 
So pumped, I am getting the swing of this hiking thing!!!!! I’m even leaving Michelle in my wake! We are killing these Ks!!! We start trekking up a bit of an incline…hold on, oh wait, oh no…I can’t walk. We have to hold on while I put the brace back on…now I know it’s working, there for a reason, and it will be staying in place.

             The rest of the hike was great, we pass sooo many vineyards. We found a great hostel with an amazing owner and then met up with friends in the square for vino and great conversation. Happy to have spent time with them because we have made the decision to fall behind. We are breaking the next 30k into 3 days. We are also sending packs ahead so we do not have to carry them. Michelle is stepping up and helping me to understand that if we do not slow down my knee may never be the same again. I’m so thankful for her pushing me to do this. I am a stubborn, goal oriented fool and will stop at nothing to achieve what I see before me. This is not a time to flex this skill…

This must be my first lesson of the Camino. Previously, in my personal and work life, I often sacrificed myself in order to meet the needs of others. This behavior came without thought, just the focus of delivering what I determined was needed at any cost to myself.  

Now that I am removed from all of these things, I am sacrificing myself to meet the goals of the Camino. The problem is that the only goal is to reach Santiago. These goals laid out in the books have nothing to do with the purpose of this walk.

I have to put myself and my needs first. Enjoying this walk and allowing the experience to grant me the clarity I desire is what is important. Obviously this journey is already taking it’s effect.

I will give into our annoying third party and slow down. We have all the time in the world. Clarity is near…

Love to all…