As mentioned before, I wake up a hot mess. Like tried to walk to the bathroom, made it halfway and couldn’t continue. Oh no, is this when Michelle and I have to cross this line??? I didn’t think it would be till we were at least 60. I focus on mind over matter and get the job done. Michelle heads out to a pharmacy and returns with everything I need and ice for my knee. I can not thank her enough for being my hero in this moment.

Soon I’m walking! Well, on flat surfaces. Inclines can go to… Anyway, we set off to explore San Sebastián – slowly, but surely… The Ocean offers immediate relief. The sight of it heals our souls immediately. We score our Credential stamp and check out the city streets lining the coast. We wrap the day on a terrace eating burgers!!! I can not believe I scored a veggie burger in Spain looking at this beautiful view. (as per previous posts you know we have not mastered this multiple language ordering process).


                 The pic above is Michelle dipping her feet in those healing waters 🙂

Back to the hotel for more rest and to get ready for our journey to connect with the Camino de Frances!!!

Love to all…