We have taken our first steps on the Camino!!! From the border of France into the town of Irun. Seeing the shell markings is more than exciting and has us itching to get fully started.   
     We found our final hotel before we dive into hostels and camping. Thankfully there were signs leading to it as there was little wifi and no cell service when we first arrived.

The lady at the front desk was beyond helpful filling us in on the town and beginning of the Camino. We wish we could put her in our pocket and have her as our translator and guide on the hike.  

We set out to explore the town and quickly realize what is ahead of us. Irun is not quite on the coast so it seems they see less tourists. Not much English spoken in these parts! This is the moment when procrastinating about learning Spanish proves to be a poor decision, LOL.

We were starving and walked into a restaurant advertising tapas. We got this, we go to tons of tapas bars in the states! Well, maybe not…the tapas are all spread out on the counter in a self service style. There are no plates. It’s too early for the locals to be eating, so no one is providing an example of what to do. We quietly slip back out and determine another location.

Ah! This place looks so cute and like a pub, we got this! We sit at the bar and order our wine. Then we are informed (through some challenging communication) that the kitchen has just closed and will not open till later. 

– so here business open in the morning, then close for a three hour break and then reopen –

Well wine it is then, after two glasses we head out to explore more of the town. By day’s end we are exhausted and starving and want an easy interaction. We go to the mall where there is a nice pizzeria and enjoy some thin crust – believe it our not it was a great end to the day! Also, who knew there was a Zara Home? Such a cute store!

       So we are resting up tonight and headed to bed early. Tomorrow we continue on the first stage of the Camino. This is the most difficult stage of our walk, hiking straight up a mountain and then back down into San Sebastián.

From this point forward wifi will be limited. I will post when I can, but not sure of how often. Pilgrims at last…

Love to all…