The airport (including security) and the plane ride were flawless! America has some things to learn!!

This coastal town was everything we could have wanted it to be!! It was slightly chilly, slightly rainy and often cloudy – but these elements did not hinder it’s charm.

Our Villa was perfect! The owner was true Basque Country native, full of life and energy. He made us feel right at home.

The city is almost like a peninsula, so we walked the coastline from our villa all the way around to the opposite side. While the waves were not huge during our visit, these beaches boast some of the best surfing in all of Europe.

               We found a restaurant overlooking the beach and all the surfers. We quickly realized we are in need of editing our eating timeline. We showed up at 6pm and they were just opening. Through broken English we found out the kitchen didn’t even open till 7:30! The view was spectacular, so we decided to enjoy a bottle of wine and watch the waves till we had the best dinner yet! The menu was somewhat challenging, but thankfully Michelle has some French under her belt.

 After dinner we walked the city for a bit and enjoyed a heavy rain shower. Dipped back by the villa to dry and headed out to see the gay life in this town. (We have decide we are going to assess each countries gay community and complete a full assessment at the end of our journey 😉
 The first bar (Bo Bar) was empty. However we made great friends with the bartender Julien and loved teaching him some english while he helped us with our French. Then all of a sudden an American couple and two British couples came in (all straight, but we soon became quick friends and had the best time).

Our whole new crew headed to a club just up the street and found the nightlife. The American music was pumping and we danced the night away. I have to say we did this town right!

Love to all…