After an amazing month long journey around the states creating the best memories we are boarding the plane to Europe!!!

The past two weekends we attended back to back music festivals (shaky knees and hangout).  I could not imagine a better way for Michelle and myself to say goodbye to the states than with music and friends.  Especially since Sunday My Morning Jacket played.  They will also be the first band we see when we return. Jim James has wished us farewell and will welcome our return 😉

We hit London first where (you’ll never guess) we will kick off our journey with music!  Seeing Joywave and dancing with the Brits 😉

Then some sightseeing before moving on to Paris for a bit, then headed to start the hike!!!

I attached a picture of the items in my pack.  Thought some of you would get a kick out of the fact those are my only belongings for the next 3 months!

Love to All…